Frequently Asked Questions

It's entirely free to play.
CaddieHack is played with a small group of friends and each person drafts their own unique set of players. Whereas on the Golf Channel or DraftKings, you select 4 or 6 players, respectively, but those exact same 4 or 6 players could have been chosen by someone else.
Once all participants have joined, the creator will start the game and the draft order will be randomly selected. Each participant makes their first selection and then the 2nd round of selections start from the end and works backwards. The 3rd round starts with the first person and so on. Here's an example with three participants:

Random Order:
  1. TyWebb
  2. ShooterMcGavin
  3. CarlSpackler
TyWebb chooses first, then ShooterMcGavin, then CarlSpackler. CarlSpackler gets to pick again to start the 2nd round, then ShooterMcGavin, and finally TyWebb. TyWebb will begin the 3rd round and this continues until all picks have been made.
This is entirely configurable when you create your game, but we've found that choosing 8 players each tends to provide a fair amount of excitement. Not only do you configure how many players to choose but you also get to decide how many of those players are used to determine the winner.

For example, let's say you decided that each participant will pick 8 players and 5 of those players will count towards the final score. When the tournament ends, the participant with the lowest cumulative score for their 5-best golfers will win the game.
From our previous example (8 selections for each participant, best 5 player scores to win), you'll want to have at least 5 of your selections make the cut. In the unfortunate event that you only have 4 or less players make the cut, you'll take the worst score plus an additional stroke for each of your top-5 players that didn't make the cut.

Let's say the 8 golfers you selected finished: -4, -2, +1, +2, MC, MC, MC, MC. And the worst score to finish the tournament was a +14.

That means you'll finish with a score of +12. Your first 4 players had a cumulative score of -3, but you take a +15 for your 5th player that missed the cut. You can see why you want make sure you have enough of your players make the cut.
The creator of your game has the ability to modify any of the picks. We added this feature so that in the event a player drops out of the tournament after you made your selections you can pick a new player.
Once you login you'll be taken to your profile page. If you've played any games you'll see them listed, along with the results.